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NetSpot creates visual heatmap of Wi-Fi signal strength in home/office

NetSpot app for WiFi signal analysis_2

What does a modern geek require to stay alive? Food, air, water and of course a Wi-Fi signal. Such is the requirement of modern life that you can’t do without internet connectivity, and it is mostly satisfied by a stable Wi-Fi connection. Whether you are in office or at home, lack of internet connectivity can bring your life to a virtual halt, only to be restored back when you reestablish Wi-Fi connectivity. Having a Wi-Fi connection is one thing, and ensuring that you make the most out of it is completely another.
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AT&T brings WiFi hotspot connectivity inside your car with Mobley

AT&T ZTE Mobley

This is probably the simplest and most useful gadget that you’ll swear by while on long trips across country roads. AT&T ZTE Mobley is one of its kind gadget that brings WiFi connectivity inside your car. Yes, it is a dongle like gadget that acts as a hotspot for connecting your mobile devices and laptops to surf on the go without any hassle.
The device works with most of the vehicle manufactured after 1996 and connects to your car’s OBD ll (on-board diagnostics) port. It is ideal for people who travel very frequently in their own conveyance and want a simple plug and play device for internet connectivity.
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Google OnHub router revamps the way you connect to WiFi

Google OnHub WiFi router

Google OnHub WiFi router

WiFi haven’t changed much in shape or design over the last few years and it is ironic how this device sits on the back side of TVs or in dark corners of the room, hidden away from sight. After-all you don’t want it to mar the look of your neat and clean room. Google wants to change that stereotype about routers and give them a new refreshing look that everyone would want to show-off. This is OnHub, Google’s WiFi router that is designed specifically for an urban setting and homes/offices with many connected devices.
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Google’s quest for free internet access across the globe will begin shortly

Google SideWalk free internet

What do we crave for after our basic necessities? Definitely it’s internet and if you can get it for free, then there is nothing better. You do get free internet access at certain locations like restaurants and cafes but that is just a marketing strategy to lure-in more customers as the internet speed is not that satisfactory. Google is eyeing to change all that with its innovation startup SideWalk Labs which is promising an initiative for free internet across the globe.
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The Dark Knight Tumbler – RC vehicle every big boy would want to own

Smartphone controlled The Dark Knight Trilogy  Tumbler RC vehicle

Smartphone-controlled The Dark Knight Trilogy Tumbler RC vehicle

When we talk of RC cars, they are everyone’s childhood toy and even adults love these toys for good reason. And when RC toy is a sci-fi vehicle from the superhero of Gotham city, it is perfect icing on the cake. By now you must have got the idea that we are talking about Batman and his desirable Tumbler vehicle. Soap Studio has come up with 1:12 scale version of the Tumbler vehicle that is controlled via your Android or iOS mobile device.
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Smart Palm: Tree that provides free gadget charging, WiFi and shade from the sun

Smart Palm Dubai gadget charging and WiFi station

In the old days we used to hear that a tree provides you shade from the sun and also fresh breath of air, rejuvenating the sense. But in modern times a tree is destined to provide you with much more than you bargained for. Yes, an artificial palm tree like structure dubbed Smart Palm has been launched by the Dubai Municipality at Gate 6 of Zabeel Park which provides park visitors with free WiFi, charging points for gadgets and some relief from relentless sun.
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Google dives into the mobile network market with Project Fi

Google Project Fi

Google has jumped into the mobile phone network market with its launch of Project Fi offered for Nexus 6 smartphones in the U.S. This is a fresh start by Google to explore the opportunity to provide quality network to users for connecting and communicating in a seamless fashion. Having partnered with Sprint and T-Mobile, Project Fi looks to provide the best network possible for demanding users. The search engine giant has developed a new technology that connects to the fastest network, be it your 4G LTE or WiFi for hitch free browsing on the web.
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The eTree: Solar-powered free Wi-Fi and gadget charger from Sologic

eTree –  Solar-powered free Wi-Fi

An Israeli company Sologic recently installed the very first eTree prototype in the Ramat Hanadive pubic gardens in Zichron Ya’acov. It’s a marvelous concept to establish a multipurpose, solar-powered public rest place where people will receive free Wi-Fi under the shade of same solar panel canopy that generates the electricity. Not just that, but it will let you juice up your gadget batteries through provided USB ports. At night, it’ll lit the place and power the water coolers for human and animals as well, and all of it will be powered completely by the energy generated by the solar panels. Read More…

EnerFusion Solar Power-Dok charges your gadgets while outdoors

EnerFusion Solar Power-Dok picnic table

The race for developing self-sustainable eco-friendly gadgets, and the methods to power-up these gadgets has led to many good ideas. In the same league is this Solar Power-Dok picnic table/workstation by EnerFusion made in partnership with Sprint Corporation. The table has an umbrella like contraption on top which holds the solar panels and is located in Lansing City Market, downtown Lansing, Michigan. There is one 100 watt solar panel and three 45 watt solar panels that generate a total power of 235 watt to power-up your gadgets like smartphone, tablet, portable MP3 player etc. out in the sun while you enjoy a cold chilled beer while spending time with pals.
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Vow Smart Headphones for chatting with friends and listening to online music

Vow Smart headphones

Finally a pair of headphones that let you connect to online services like Pandora or Douban Radio, and even better, you can chat with your friends using these headphones. Vow Smart Headphones are the world’s first smart headphones that let you connect to Android compatible chatting applications like We Chat and enjoy music as the same time. So the question would be, how does one chat on these headphones?

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