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NES30 Pro Bluetooth Game Controller is tailor-made for mobile gaming freaks

NES30 Pro Bluetooth Game Controller_4

Got bored with your same old gaming controller? Then its time you make the change to this geeky gaming controller. NES30 Pro Bluetooth Game Controller is compatible with all your mobile devices and PC of Course. You can pair it up with iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS devices to enjoy non-stop sessions of gaming with the nostalgic feel of a Nintendo controller in your hand. Wow, this is bliss for a gamer.
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Say goodbye to mouse with the Flow wireless controller

Flow wireless controller by Senic

Senic, Berlin-based innovative manufacturer of tangible interfaces have unveiled their first product which is a freely programmable, haptic control for smart devices. Called Flow, the wireless controller will free us from the need of a keyboard and a mouse which due to their design are unable to offer us the same ability and sensitivity as our hands. Flow is an intuitive and precise shortcut tool to our favorite actions. The creators of Flow has incorporated three technologies into the device to suit the needs of users. Hand gesture recognition, sensitive touch and precise haptics are the technologies offered by the tool which will allow users to work, play and create in the digital world in a perfect way.
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Smartphone-powered head mounted display by Seebright

Seebright head mounted virtual reality display with smartphone

Since Oculus VR was acquired by Facebook for $2 million, the stakes for developing head-mounted virtual reality displays have raised. Seebright seems to be heading in the right direction with its augmented reality head-mounted display prototype that mounts your smartphone on top so that the content can be mirrored and projected onto the eyes. The virtual reality head mounted display prototype was shown off at the Game Developers Conference 2014 which was a bulky head gear projecting smartphone’s display on a mirror which then reflected the content into eyes of the wearer.
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