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Wireless Apple AirPods will force you to switch to iPhone

Apple AirPods

Apple event in San Francisco had some major revelations including the iPhone 7 line-up, Apple Watch 2 and also the AirPods. The latter being their most innovative product for a long time now. Apple AirPods are wireless earpods which cover-up Apple’s decision to finally get rid of the 3.5 mm jack. Although, Apple claims it takes courage to make a bold decision like this, only time will tell if it has any implication on the future of 3.5 mm headphone jack which has become industry standard for mobile devices. Coming on to the AirPods, Apple has broken the jinx of wireless earpods not being that appealing to the crown in terms of their use.
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Apple likely working on wireless earbuds to debut with iPhone 7

Apple wireless earbuds demo image

CES 2016 was flooded with headphone/earphones – and wireless earbuds, including the Hush Smart Earbuds, were the bug crowd pullers. Apple does not attend Consumer Electronics Show, but that doesn’t stop the Cupertino giant from creating excitement at the event. This time the rumor mill has it that Apple is working on a pair of wireless earbus with Beats Electronics (it’s the same audio devices company Apple bought a couple of years back). The truly wireless earphones will have no wire to connect the two earbuds and should debut alongside the iPhone 7. Read More…

Rowkin Mini wireless Bluetooth earbud connects to two devices at once

Rowkin Mini earbud_4

Are you on the lookout for a good pair of earbuds that create minimum hassle for you? Then Rowkin Mini wireless Bluetooth earbuds are just the kind of accessory you have been looking for. These earbuds are ideal for people who love to have their music always plugged-in and can’t afford any irritating roadblocks. Touted as the world’s smallest wireless Bluetooth earbud with a built-in mic and portable charging case, Rowkin Mini is a god sent music streamer audiophiles cannot deny. The earbud allows you to connect to 2 devices at once which is a feature I’ve been looking in my earphones for quite a long time now.
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Onkyo unveils W800BT, truly wireless in-ear headphones at IFA 2015

Truly wireless headphones

If you have been fooled into buying wireless headphones, which aren’t really wireless in the true sense; Onkyo, a Japanese home theater manufacturing company has unveiled truly wireless, in-ear headphones at IFA Berlin. The impressive pair of headphones are, company believes, truly wireless. Unlike other so called/advertised wireless headphones, which actually feature cables to connect the two ear-buds (though they do not require cables to connect to a music player), the Onkyo’s W800BT headphones comprises ear-buds that work completely without wires and also connect wirelessly to any Bluetooth enabled music player. Read More…

Samsung Gear Circle: Smart wearable can act as a necklace

Samsung Gear Circle

All the major tech giants are focusing their attention more on the development of wearable gadgets these days. And it looks like, Samsung is leading the race at this moment. Yesterday we showed you the all new Gear S smartwatch unveiled by Samsung. The curved designed Tizen-based next generation wearable comes with 3G connectivity and offers smartphone experience to your wrist. However, the smartwatch is not the only wearable that was launched by the South Korean company. They also announced Gear Circle, a pair of wireless earphones that can be worn around the neck just like a necklace when not in use.
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Earin – World’s smallest wireless earbuds for tangle free music frenzy

Earin wireless earbuds

As a music buff, one thing that bugs me about the great sounding earbuds is their irritating tendency for the wires to get tangled every time I put them in my pocket. Not only that, in a crowded place wearing wired earbuds can be a real hassle. Such times call for wireless earbuds that are comfortable to wear and configure. Earin has been thinking on the same lines that is why they have launched their namesake earbuds on Kickstarter and it comes as no surprise that they have surpassed the funding goal well before the completion date.
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Dash wireless earphones vaunt smart features and dedicated music player

Dash wireless earphones

Wireless earphones are the ‘go to’ gizmos of the mobile realm’s future; not just because of their easy flexibility when listening to music, but also due to their better usability pattern (fueled by the larger, unergonomic form-factor of smartphones themselves). The above pictured Dash from German company BRAGI, upholds both of these virtues with tact, and too with a technological improvement of its own. The end result is a discrete wireless ‘smart’ earphone with the capacity to playback music via Bluetooth when your smartphone is snugly resting in your pocket. So, now you can finally turn your neck without worrying about the cords getting tangled. Moreover, the Dash also flaunts its very own embedded 4GB music player that totally eschews the need to carry a smartphone during those leisurely outdoor walks.

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