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Sonos Play:1 speaker pair to fill your home with pure, immersive sound


Sonos Play1 speaker set

Control music from an app and have the speakers in the house play what you want from the comfort of your couch. This is not a rare scenario, and there is nothing the Sonos Play:1 has done differently. The Play:1 also comes with a dedicate app to stream your favorite music through the smart speaker system. The pair of wireless speakers can be setup in separate (or same) rooms to play different songs in either rooms, or to play same song in both rooms. It isn’t long back when Sonos introduced the PLAY:1 Blue Note Limited Edition speaker, and now the new model that has been designed in a sleek body to fit any space, Sonos has really amazed us. Read More…

Take Move M portable speaker with you for the next hiking trip

NudeAudio Move M speaker

This one is for serious audiophiles who can’t away with music no matter where they go. NudeAudio’s Move M portable wireless speaker connects to a plethora of devices via Bluetooth 3.0 to stream audio from your smartphone, PC or portable music players. The speaker boasts-off 8 hours of non-stop playback and when it is time to take calls you can go hands-free and do so with its speakerphone feature courtesy the dual-microphone feature.
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Samsung announces Wireless Audio 360 speakers, puts forth a unique visual experience

Samsung Wireless Audio 360 speakers R6 and R7

Visualizing sound is perhaps the most difficult challenge that one faces, and Samsung Wireless Audio has put some intuitive minds to overcome this task. And what better than demonstrating how audio fills a room spatially, using a revolutionary new wireless speaker that claims to change the audio experience for good. The omnidirectional music accessory dubbed as Wireless Audio 360 speakers was announced at an event in London’s Victoria House. The USP of this presentation was the way in which audio was visualized that took everyone by surprise.
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Wireless Vivo home audio speaker system has a unique triangular design

Wireless Vivo home audio system

Wireless Vivo home audio system

It’s been a very long time since we saw an impressively designed audio system that has other functionality as well. Have a look at this triangular-shaped audio system dubbed as Vivo which doubles as an intercom too. Designed by Quirky user Kansas, this audio system has detachable WiFi speakers and a touchscreen hub for a very intuitive interface for the end user. The audio system can be toggled between normal single-unit mode and Hi-Fi mode which is great for home audio.
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New Aeroframe Bluetooth Speakers from Jarre Technologies

Aeroframe Bluetooth Speakers

Recently, Jarre Technologies introduced its latest ’ Aeroframe’ Bluetooth speakers at IFA 2014. It’s a stylish, neat design with minimalist noise. The included amplifier, the subwoofer, and the speakers are completely covered inside an enclosure of 35 cubic meter frame, which further supports smaller cubical boxes in the center of the frame. Read More…

JBL Pulse wireless speakers with LED light show turn ordinary room into a disco club

JBL Pulse

If music is your life then grooving to your favorite tracks with cool visualizations is the best you can do to release your tensions. Keeping that in mind JBL has designed a new kind of wireless speaker that has embedded LED lights to put forth a light show to match your music being played. JBL Pulse is a wireless portable speaker that streams music from your device using Bluetooth connectivity and the programmed/customisable LED lights turn any ordinary room in to a place to party hard. You can choose from five pre-programmed light themes and the themes can also be customized by toggling the brightness and color options.
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SoundScene: Wireless wall-hanging speaker system with integrated Apple AirPlay

No matter how difficult it gets for any other gadget to sustain, iPhone accessories and other Apple gadgets and their accessories will never fade in tide. A worthy example to uphold this claim is the first wall-hanging picture frame enabled speakers that are integrated with AirPlay, now these could have been simple speakers, but for more reasons than one, these have AirPlay included to make them compatible with iMac, iTunes, iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad.

Created by Imagine Acoustics based in Surrey, the nicely camouflaged SoundScene Model 1 speaker system, which has its own 12.5 watt amplifier, conceals itself every eminently behind the front of a picture frame that can house any picture upwards of A3 size. Each of the SoundScene speaker systems, which have digital signal sensing to automatically switch on or off, are made to order and are distributed through Armour Home in the UK. Each speaker, with option of art and frame costs £1,100 (approx. $1,500) and £1,300 (approx. $2000) with the choice of opting for standard artwork and frame.

Besides the AirPlay included SoundScene Model 1 speaker, Imagine Acoustics has also created a separate Sonos ZP90 wireless receiver enabled SoundScene Model 2 speaker system, which is apt for any Sonos multi-room system.

Aperion ARIS wireless speakers play digital audio from any device in crystal clear sound

Aperion Audio has revealed its latest wireless speaker for people who like to play their music sans any wire connections to the speakers from any corner of your home. Compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems the Aperion ARIS wireless speaker is compatible with almost all the music playing devices including smartphones, tablet PC or laptop. Connected through a WiFi network or directly through an Ethernet cable, ARIS can deliver quality audio which will be food for your ears whether you are listening to music in the night time or simply playing it in low volume for your guests.
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