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Intel again fly 100 drones in sync with orchestra music in the night sky

Intel Drone 100 Light Show_1

Intel is always pushing the boundaries of innovation when it comes to micro-chips, but they are also keeping their options open when it comes to doing creative stuff. That was apparent from their record setting attempt to fly 100 drones simultaneously in Germany. Now the tech giant again collaborated with Ars Electronica FutureLab to spray their magic in the night sky with 100 drones.
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World’s Largest Rubik’s Cube will take toll on you mind and body

World's Largest Rubik’s Cube

If you thought solving your Rubik’s Cube is a task too heavy for your brain, you might want to reconsider. Watch this World’s Largest Rubik’s Cube created by Tony Fisher from United Kingdom and you’ll instantly hit nausea. Measuring 1.57 m tall, 1.57 m wide and 1.57 m long (5 ft 1.7 in x 5 ft 1.7 in x 5 ft 1.7 in) this Rubik’s Cube is made from exactly the same material as any other regular Rubik’s Cube to make it past the requirements laid down by Guinness World Records.
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Two mechanics build world’s fastest mobility scooter


Crazy inventor Colin Furze is certainly not an inspiration for many (thanks to all the bizarre and scary things he makes), but who knew his crazy record setting mobility scooter (that clocked 71.59 mph) would become an inspiration for the world’s fastest mobility scooter ever made. Drawing inspiration from Furze’s scooter, two mechanics David Anderson and Mathew Hine from Isle of Man built a vehicle that normally does 10 mph, into the fastest mobility scooter that broke into Guinness World Records clocking 173.16 km/h (107.6 mph). Read More…

Solving this 3D-printed 22×22 Rubik’s Cube is going to be a nightmare!

22x22 Rubiks Cube_2

Rubik’s Cube is a good enough time pass that will develop your brain cells to make you sharper. However, I never had that privilege as the damn thing is too confusing for me to play around with. To be frank, I broke it into many pieces before I could solve it. Embarrassing, yes I know, but this one makes me nauseate. Holy mother of god, a 22×22 Rubik’s Cube that will make most of you run for cover and never ask of the physical puzzle any time soon.
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Megacopter is heaviest payload lifting drone out there


There are all sorts of records registered in the Guinness World Record; but recently drone-maker Henning Pedersen and a team of students at the University of Oslo, Norway, have created a brand new record lifting heaviest payload by a remote-controlled multicopter. The team’s wirelessly controlled multicopter, called Megacopter, entered record books by lifting incredible weight of 61 kilograms (approximately equal to 134 pounds and 7.6 ounces) along with its own weight to a height of 1 meter (approximately 3 feet 3-inches) for over 30 seconds. Read More…

100 Drones syncing to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony set a new world record

Most Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) airborne simultaneously_2

Drones can be a menace, drones can be lifesavers. The way in which they are used determines your perspective for them. Whatever your perspective might be, this world record setting attempt by Intel will make you look at drones in a completely new way. And with respect I must add. Intel Corporation USA launched 100 drones in the sky in formation to set the new Guinness World Records, but that is not what stunned the crowd. Drones put up a show that is awe-inspiring and you’ll wish you watched it live.
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You can actually live inside this world-record holding Lego caravan

Lego Caravan

A life-sized caravan made from Legos and actually habitable. Yes, this Guinness World Record holding caravan made from 215,158 Lego pieces was recently unveiled at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, UK. As unbelievable as it might sound, the Lego caravan designed by 12 professional Lego builders over a period of 12 weeks took almost 1,000 man hours to complete. After all the hard work, the world can rejoice this 2.2 meter tall by 3.6 meter long caravan that is currently on display at the Motorhome and Caravan Show 2015.
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Largest loop the loop in a car record broken by Nissan F-PACE

Jaguar F Pace loop the loop in a car World record

At the ongoing Frankfurt Motor Show 2015 we have seen many concept, production and in-work cars that will shape the future of automotive technology. But prior to the motor there were some events that we missed and they broke all the records. Jaguar, always known to be daring and innovative in their business operations have broken the record for the largest loop the loop in a car at the Niederrad Racecourse in Germany. Showcasing the Jaguar F-PACE sports car prior to its launch, stunt driver Terry Grant took everyone by surprise and drove the car upside down on 19.08 meter tall circular looped track that exerted 6.5G force during the event.
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Daredevil jetpack riders set Guinness Word record for synchronized water flight

Jetpack Guinness World Record

New jetpack Guinness World Record

Jetpack give you wings, literally, don’t you think so? The most fascinating way to let loose and hit freedom, shooting into thin air like a kingfisher. Watching someone with a jetpack on gives such an adrenaline rush, just imagine doing it for yourself. Ok, enough of the melodrama talk, let’s concentrate on this Guinness World Record that took place in the city of Cavalaire sur mer located in South France.
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Space footage shot with smartphone from Earth’s stratosphere

Colin Furze footage of space from earth stratosphere

Colin Furze never seizes to surprise us with his out of the box inventions that are definitely geeky. Right from the jet powered bike to the weaponized tuk tuk. Colin keeps coming up with unique ways to surprise his followers, and believe you me, we just love his creations. After spilling his madness on planet Earth, now Colin has gone beyond the horizon to shoot the first ever video of space from stratosphere, the second layer of atmosphere.
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