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Electric car completely destroys Ferrari in a drag race [video]

I don’t believe me saying this, but it’s so damn true – there is an electric supercar faster than a petrol powered LaFerrari (one of the fastest cars in the world). Along with all of us, this came as a surprise to British racing driver Archie Hamilton, who had heard about the Rimac Concept One by Croatian car manufacturer Rimac Automobili, but didn’t know how fast this world’s first electric supercar could go; at least not as fast as a Ferrari, common! Read More…

World’s fastest jet-powered 3D printed UAV clocks 150 mph

3D printed jet-powered UAV

With a goal to show the aerospace industry just how fast companies can design and develop their aircrafts in the future – Virginia-based Aurora Flight Sciences collaborated with 3D printing specialists Stratasys to develop what is now the world’s fastest 3D printed unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) ever created. The 3D printed jet-powered aircraft was recently showcased at the 2015 Dubai Airshow, where the UAV managed to achieve speeds of up to 150 mph (approximately 240 km/h). The high speed drone (if we may call it so) is built from lightweight materials, which make it only 15 kilograms in weight. Read More…

Airbus partners with aerospace firm Aerion to develop a supersonic business jet

Aerion AS2 supersonic business jet

Aerion AS2 supersonic business jet

Supersonic business jets are coming one step closer to become a reality in the future. Leading aircraft manufacturer Airbus have partnered with Aerion Corporation, an American aerospace firm for the development of a supersonic business jet. Both these companies have come to an agreement for developing technologies that will make supersonic business travel a possibility. Dubbed Aerion AS2, the world’s fastest global business jet will come with a top speed of Mach 1.6 and international range too. The firms will try to build and certify the world’s first supersonic business jet by 2021.
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Petalite Flux is the world’s fastest external phone charger

Petalite flux battery charger

Charging smartphones consumes lot of our important time. Sometimes during busy schedules we don’t get enough time to charge our devices and have to run the whole day on low battery. As a result we have to avoid lots of important calls and messages. To solve this serious issue, Leigh Purnell, an Aston University graduate have created the world’s fastest external phone charger. Freeing you from the hassle of charging phone for long hours plugged into the socket wall, the smart pocket size device can achieve full charge in just 15 minutes. Dubbed Petalite Flux battery, the power-bank can be used as an external battery source and connected to the phone when it is in desperate need of charging.
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Logitech’s G402 Hyperion Fury is the world’s fastest gaming mouse

Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury gaming mouse

Is your slow mouse killing your gaming fun? Well, you need not to worry as the world’s fastest gaming mouse has arrived to add excitement to your gaming experience. Dubbed G402 Hyperion Fury, the ultra-fast FPS gaming mouse is designed to offer super-fast tracking and pin-point accuracy. Developed by Logitech, the product is the result of more than three years of research work. The gaming mouse combines an optical sensor equipped with Logitech Delta Zero technology to the company’s exclusive Fusion Engine hybrid sensor. This enables the device to reach tracking speeds in excess of 500 IPS (inches per second).
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Shockwave, world’s fastest jet-powered truck hits speeds approaching 400mph

Vehicle fitted in with jet powered engines are fast without doubt. And Neal Darnell’s Shockwave powered by three jet engines is the world’s fastest jet powered truck. Hitting speeds approaching 400 miles per hour, the Shockwave is a four ton, full size truck with 36,000 horsepower. Shockwave holds the world record for being the fastest truck at 376mph (605kmh), which makes it capable of leaving a Japanese bullet train behind in a mile dash. Read More…

100 mph speed record on an electric powered motorcycle all set to be broken

It’s not surprising that the 100-mph speed barrier has never been broken with a 150 kg electrically powered motorcycle and that is what Kevin Clemens is hell bent on doing. Although Kevin broke the national speed record for electric motors topping 61.538 mph that the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah last year, his aim is to go for broke in his bright yellow colored reconfigured 2006 Kawasaki Ninja 250 motorcycle having a custom made Agni motor from India having lithium polymer batteries and a never before made Alltrax controller.
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Southern Outlaws’ 5hp lawnmower is world’s fastest

You should have been on some of the fastest tracks, if you are a speed buff? But in case you’ve ignored the Southern Outlaws’ ARMA and SOMA sanctioned tracks, then you sure have missed a bright sparkle of the speeding world. In the middle of Georgia, on the best racing facility in the locality, Southern Outlaws has the world’s fastest 5hp lawnmower setting records to stay. The Southern Outlaws’ 5hp lawnmower, besides being crowned the fastest in the world is also the first lawnmower to run in the Texas Mile. It is also the fastest single cylinder mower, fastest huffy and a fastest lawnmower with shortest wheel base. You want to know more, well we’ll update you with more as soon as we have some more information to share. Till then enjoy the pics of the quick and robust lawnmower.