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Tiny DART-C charger for USB Type-C laptops can juice up your phone simultaneously

Finsix Dart-C

FINsix launched DART – smallest laptop charger, back in September but it lacked the fast charging USB Type-C. Recently, the company announced DART-C, a USB Type-C charger for laptops. Yes, you heard that right. Billed as the world’s smallest charger for USB Type-C laptops, the DART-C could definitely shed some load off your backpack. OEMs have been constantly developing thinnest of laptops, but the ungainful chargers with bulky adaptors do no good to their case. A device like the DART-C however promises laptop users to carry light, yet charge their laptops as and when required. Read More…

Palm-sized Tiny Arcade is the world’s smallest gaming cabinet machine

Tiny Arcade 3D printed gaming machine

The love for arcade cabinets will never die. The more they are, the more we admire them. Especially when they are irresistibly cute. This is Tiny Arcade, probably the world’s smallest functional arcade machine that fits easily in your palm. The good news is you can have one, as the project is up on Kickstarter and looking on track to get funded. Created by Ken Burns from Tiny Circuits who have a knack for making miniature DIY gadgets, the Tiny Arcade looks fit for a gaming geek.
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World’s smallest circular saw is perfect for Lilliput woodworkers!

World's smallest circular saw

In a world so colossal, humanity is always fascinated by all things small. There are numerous records for fascinating things that are small; and this DIY is also about something so tiny, you might not even notice it. This is the world’s smallest circular saw made by pro New Zealand DIYer Lance Abernethy who also made a tiny little functional drill. Although this circular saw does not serve any practical purpose, but still it is fascinating.
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Dot wireless Bluetooth headset is too small to be noticed in the ear

Dot wireless bluetooth headset

If you are planning to replace your Bluetooth headset for the simple reason that you have been using it for too long and it looks so damn old school. Then the miniscule Dot wireless Bluetooth headset that met its $30,000 funding goal just hours into its Kickstarter campaign is what you’d love to trade it for. Measuring only 13.8mm by 21mm, dubbed the smallest Bluetooth headset, the Dot weighs negligently at 3.5g. Read More…

World’s smallest folding bike can easily fit into your suitcase

Helix- world’s smallest folding bike

How about a folding bike that is small enough to fit into a suitcase? Handcrafted from titanium in Canada, Helix is one such compact folding bike that is designed to make the most efficient use of space possible. Peter Boutakis, founder and inventor of Helix has worked on various folding bike designs over the past 8 years and has worked with manufacturers in Asia to develop these designs. Helix- The world’s smallest folding bike is the result of Peter’s technical knowledge and his passion for cycling.
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Retired mechanic hand-builds smallest functional W32 engine

Miniature W32 engine by Patelo

José Manuel Hermo Barreiro, the retired Spanish naval mechanic behind the world’s smallest V-12 engine and number of complex mini-motors is back again to amaze us with his latest creation. Nicknamed Patelo by gearheads and auto junkies, the die-hard mechanics pensioner have now created a miniature, running W32 engine which is nothing less than an intricate work of art. One of the toughest project of the hobbyist until now, the hand-crafted W32 engine is surely his most complex work and probably the most beautiful too.
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Chinese veteran makes world’s smallest drivable car

Xu Zhiyun invents worlds smallest car

To combat the crowded streets of Shanghai, a 60 year old Chinese inventor Xu Zhiyun has invented the world’s smallest drivable car. The car has been in the making for two years and comes with engine, brake lights, hear system, horn and sound system to complement its miniature build. It cost Xu just £155 ($243 USD) to complete this mini car which is quite economical. The car measures just 60cm in length, 35cm in width and 40cm in height.
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Intel introduces the world’s smallest standalone 3G modem

Intel XMM6255 modem

Intel have introduced their new XMM6255 modem which according to their claims is the world’s smallest standalone 3G modem. At about 300 mm^2 in size, the modem aims to provide a wireless solution for infinite number of smart and connected devices of the future. Considering its small size, the XMM 6255 modem will be perfect for networked sensors and internet connected devices such as wearables, security devices and industrial equipment. Based on Intel’s unique new Intel Power Transceiver technology, XMM 6255 comes with SMARTI UE2p transceiver. It is company’s first design to combine transmit and receive functionality on a single chip with a fully integrated power amplifier and power management.
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Homemade slingbow fires arrows with unbelievable force

Slingbow by Joerg Sprave

Joerg Sprave who is the master slingshot designer has come up with his latest designed slingbow version of the Rambone slingshot that he made earlier. You’ll be amazed by the amount of kinetic energy this slingbow is able to store before it fires the aluminum bow into the archery mat. Almost 58 lbs of force when the bow finally leaves for its target is what this slingshot styled arrow firing weapon is capable of. It is very tactically designed strong band slingbow that will not break of tear even when pushed to the extreme. It has a lowered down whisker biscuit that almost touches the fist so that while releasing the ammunition it does not hurt the hand.
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Graphene is the magic material in world’s smallest FM radio transmitter

World's smallest FM radio

Researchers and engineers led by mechanical engineering Professor James Hone and electrical engineering professor Kenneth Shepard at Columbia University have harnessed the unique property of graphene to make the world’s smallest FM radio transmitter using nano-mechanical system capable of producing FM signals. The technology also paves way for the future development of wireless signal processing and coming up with ultrathin smartphones. Graphene, a compound of carbon is one of the strongest material known to man and is a very good conductor of electricity which makes it ideal for developing nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS).
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