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Wearable market in its prime – three best gadgets you should own right now

Smartwatches are selling like hot cakes

The world of wearable technology is expanding. Despite a shaky start and uncertainty surrounding the practical applications of smart devices small enough to fit on your wrist, the market is now experiencing a boom.  According to the latest predictions by CCS Insight, the wearable market will be worth a staggering $25 billion by 2019 with sales increasing from 84 million units to 245 million. Everything from fitness trackers and smartwatches to potential innovations in the virtual reality area are driving the market forward. Read More…

Microsoft Band 2 is slimmer, curvier and more fitness oriented

Microsoft Band 2

Alongside other devices such as Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, Microsoft unveiled its refined Microsoft Band. Microsoft Band 2 which is the next version of the Microsoft Band we saw a few months back. The new model has a curved AMOLED display capped Corning Gorilla Glass 3. Designed to promote people to live healthier, the Microsoft Band 2 tracks heart rate, exercise regime, calories data and sleep quality to help wearer achieve their fitness goal. The Band also allows the wearer to be productive and send or receive emails and text and check for calendar alerts right on the wrist. Read More…

WorldBeing wristband tracks your daily carbon footprints

Layer WorldBeing wristband tracks carbon footprint

We all want to make a change, but don’t know where to start. To help you take the first step towards environmental upkeep, Layer has conceptualized a wristband that helps track your daily carbon footprints.  Called the WorldBeing, it comprises of a wristband and an integrated app. The wearable is self directed – it tracks an individual’s carbon usage and empowers the user to make better decisions. Read More…

Kingii smart wristband inflates to save you from drowning

Kingii inflatable wristband

Wearable technology is going to make all things we call bulky and mundane, more useful and effective. Case in point is Kingii – a smartish wrist wearable device which promises to revolutionize water safety. Kingii developed by Gridley California touts to be the world’s smallest inflatable which could show life jackets a way out of industry and make boating, sailing, surfing and even swimming a lot safer. Kingii fits on the wrist securely with a strap and when its hook is pulled along a buoyant orange-colored safety balloon is triggered which drags the wearer’s body to the water’s surface. Read More…

Sunburn strip indicates when you are soaking too much Sun!

Sunburn indicator by David Hazafy Queens University Belfast

Laying out in the sun is a good regime to soak Vitamin D, but too much of it carries the danger of developing sunburn, tanning and skin cancer! So how do you control the adverse effects of Sun bathing and know when to make a walk towards a shady area? Till now it was just a matter of judgment or the instructions on your suntan lotion that provide an idea of the amount of time to stay out in the sun, but now a new development gives you a very precise idea. Researchers at Queen’s University Belfast have invented a plastic strip that changes its color when there is too much exposure to sunlight.
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Leatherman Tread = Multi-tool + Wristband + Watch

Leatherman Tread multitool

There are many multi-tools out there that come in different shapes and sizes, but none is as innovative as this one. Leatherman Tread is a 25 tool function wearable wristband that you will love. It comes with lot of functionalities ranging from bottle opener to SIM card tool. The multi-tool wristband weights 150 g in total and good news is that it will come with an optional scratch-resistant Leatherman Tread QM1 watch with Swiss movement by the Fall 2015.
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Uno Noteband is the world’s first wearable with Spritz platform

Uno Noteband

Uno Noteband: world’s first Spritz wearable

Uno, a Seattle-based company is all set to launch a wearable wristband that is not like any other wristband on the market. Called Uno Noteband, it is the world’s first wearable that uses Spritz, a platform that makes reading experience more focused and efficient. The newly set up company is started by Mark Long, former Meteor Entertainment CEO and one of the biggest names in the video games business. According to him, taking smartphones from our pockets and bags consumes a lot of our precious time. That’s why he has created Uno Noteband which will keep you connected to the world and your attention will stay where it’s needed: here and now.

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Ditto – The $29 no nonsense wearable gadget is here

Ditto wearable gadget for mobile devices

Ditto relays notifications from your mobile device(s) in the simplest way possible

As we are heading into a technology dominated world, where we are the slaves of our smartphones and other gadgets, it is important to reclaim our life. Going by the same notion is this minimalistic wearable by Simple Matters called Ditto which is on a mission to free humanity from the shackles of mobile device domination. This wearable gadget is the simplest of all the wearable gadgets that you’d encounter these days because is an anti-gadget device. A gadget that is made to give you only important notifications, and that too without any buttons, screen or irritating sounds.
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Assure smartband continuously monitors health, sounds alarm if you fall unconscious

Assure smartband-2

The smart wearable market has been exploding with smartwatches and fitness trackers. Yet, personal alarms have made limited penetration in the market because aesthetics and functionality of such devices has been below par with revolutionizing wearable tech market. To make inroads in the potentially open market – Acticheck has launched a beautiful designed smart wristband called Assure, which continuously tracks movement and body vitals such as temperature and pulse rate to raise an alarm when wearer falls unconscious. Read More…

Jawbone UP MOVE fitness tracker for just $50

Jawbone Up Move

Jawbone is out with their affordable fitness tracker called UP MOVE that comes at a great price of $49.99 targeted for the lower end of the market. Jawbone UP MOVE fitness hardware looks like a plastic wristband with LED light rim that indicates the daily progress just by the push of a button. And not to forge that the tracker has user-replaceable coin-cell battery that lasts for almost 6 months. This water-resistant fitness tracking band is at the lower end of Jawbone’s product lineup and aims to increase the user-base.
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