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MB&F Astrograph pen inspired by the dream of space travel

MB&F Astrograph pen_1

Yes, we are obsessed with horological machines, especially the ones by MB&F. Taking a detour from their usual routine of creating timepieces which are unique and inspired from unrelated things, this time around the Swiss manufacturer has come-up with something interesting.
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Star Wars-themed fountain pens by S.T. Dupont for the fat pocketed

S.T. Dupont Limited Edition fountain pens

As a Star Wars fan this is the purple patch you want to live in. Internet is filled with virtually everything related to Star Wars in anticipation of the episode VII ‘the Force Awakens’. S.T. Dupont is also looking to give all Star Wars fans and collectors the opportunity to bring home a piece of exclusive writing instrument themed on Lightsaber or the iconic X-Wings Starfighter. Both these writing instruments are unique and only a handful will be available for purchase.
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Transformer Convoy Pen is also an Optimus Prime action figure

Transformer Convoy Pen

A writing instrument that transforms into an Optimus Prime, Transformer like figurine. This pen called as Transformer Convoy Pen by Sentinel might not be as comfortable to hold as you would like, but it is cool alright. When being used as a pen it is 10.5cm while in the Transformer mode it become a 14.3cm-long Optimus Prime toy.
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Schimmel Fine Pen – A steampunk pen made from vintage watch parts

Schimmel Fine Pen

A steampunk pen made from watch parts is what this writing instrument is all about. Schimmel Fine Pen is a vintage watch parts steampunk pen that has successfully managed to amass the required funding goal at Kickstarter with almost a week’s time still to go. Made from the finest vintage watch parts, this writing instrument is unique in itself as it has a completely different look and feel when compared to other limited edition pens that we have so far. Since the watch parts like the watch face and small little gears had to be fitted inside the pen, so they needed to be deformed into a slightly roundish, contoured shape rather than the usual flat form factor.

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Porsche Design P’3135 fountain pen is classy

Porsche Design P’3135 fountain pen

Porsche Design has released P’3135 fountain pen that is as exclusive as the brand name associated with it. Carved from a solid piece of titanium, the fountain pen has a very unique shape and an 18-carat gold nib for one elegant writing instrument that has the highest quality rhodium plating. Porsche Design is imprinted very meticulously on the surface of the spring and the shaft of the pen is precision machined, polished and then done off with a scratch resistant PVD coating, giving P’3135 a silhouette look.
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Montegrappa Snake 2013 Limited Edition writing instruments inspired by Chinese zodiac

Montegrappa Snake 2013 Limited Edition writing instruments

Inspired by the Chinese Zodiac sign, Montegrappa has come up with their Limited Edition collection of Snake 2013 fountain pens and rollerball pens that are draped in die cast overlay. Just like the Montegrappa’s Batman Limited Edition pens, cufflinks and wristwatch; the skilled work put into carving out the Snake embedded on the pen which by the way is a symbol of wealth and good luck charm in Chinese religion. These writing instruments come in a sterling silver limited edition of 888 fountain pens and 888 rollerball pens while another 88 each of the fountain pen and rollerball pen come in solid 18K gold.

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