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Why ‘PC Gaming’ is better than ‘Console Gaming’

PC gaming vs console gaming 22

Recent years have seen the number of handheld console enthusiasts rise exponentially, thanks to cutting edge innovation in the industry. Despite competition from Microsoft’s Xbox line, Sony’s PlayStation 4 stood its ground in 2016 to again become the year’s most sought after electronic device made exclusively for gaming. And now with the release of the PlayStation Pro, things are expected to get even better for the company.
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Final Fantasy XV inspired Xbox One S is fully functional

Final Fantasy XV inspired Xbox One S-6

Designed to sit along the Xbox One, the all new Xbox One S is just more than a mere slimmer version of the console. The new game console is 40 percent smaller and packs an internal power supply with up to 2 terabyte of internal storage, which makes it the most advanced Xbox ever.  This prowess isn’t enough to save the Xbox from modder fantasy – amid other modifications at the latest exhibition at the Châtelet in France, the Final Fantasy XV inspired Xbox One S is what’s really keeping the onlookers riveted. Read More…

Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is one customisable gamepad every gamer wants

Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless Controller for Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs

A professional gamer needs a professional gaming controller, and there should be no compromise in that fact. Microsoft has realized this fact and therefore released a gaming controller which caters to the needs of the most demanding gamers. This folks is the Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless Controller at Microsoft E3 2015 which provides a pro-level customization for an elite gamer. That is why the name also suggests “Elite” in it. One can say that the controller is a regular Xbox One gamepad transformed into one having new features.
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EA Sports FIFA 15 will feature emotional intelligence for hyper-realistic gameplay

EA Sports FIFA 15 game

FIFA World Cup 2014 is over-shadowing every other sport right now on air, and as this extravaganza unleashes the final stages in Brazil, fans all over the world are going bonkers. On the other side FIFA 15 is getting everyone excited as it comes with more improved features and special attention towards the whole emotional aspect of the gameplay. Yes, FIFA 15 is going to be out this September and I just can’t wait to get my hands on it.
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Microsoft Xbox One will come minus the Kinect controller for $399

Microsoft Xbox One gaming controller comes without Kinect

In a move to give the stagnated sales of Xbox One gaming console a boost, Microsoft has thrown in the towel and decided to sell the Kinect controller separately. As you would know, the Kinect motion sensing controller came bundled with the gaming console, but due to stiff competition from Sony PlayStation 4, they have decided to sell Kinect individually to give the shave of around $100 off their gaming console. Microsoft will sell Xbox One gaming console for US$399 from June 9, which is almost same as the Sony PS4 controller, and hopes to revive their dwindling sales soon.
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BowBlade workout tool converts your smartphone into real archery bow

Archery is one of the most active outdoor activities that can be taken up to strengthen upper body strength and to have those protruding triceps. While we are used to gaming on smartphone and tablets in a very realistic interface powered by high-end graphics, the BowBlade takes gaming to a whole new level. One can hook on their Android smartphone, iPhone 5 or iPod touch to BowBlade and begin their archery frenzy on one of the 35 compatible iOS and Android apps. What’s more interesting, well it can be connected with gaming consoles like Nintendo Wii, Xbox or PlayStation using special mounts. What amazes me about this next age gaming accessory is its ability to combine real accessory with simulated gaming experience.
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Full Color Solitaire with 25 cards in a suit will change traditional methods of playing cards

Do you know there are almost 1000 different ways to play solitaire with a universal set of playing cards and the playing methods with the fundamental design of the game haven’t changed much for almost 200 years since it was first invented? However, now it is all set to change as David Mahon with his Full Color Solitaire featuring two part card system, Full Color Gaming System and Full Color Cards changes the whole perspective of playing cards. The traditional solitaire game has 13 cards in a suit while this new revolutionary method of playing gives you the liberty of playing with 13, 16, 19, 22 and 25 cards per suit in beginner, intermediate, advanced, master and genius levels respectively. The game can be played in 8 different variants including Full Color Free Cell, Golf, Klondike Draw1, Klondike Draw 2, Pyramid, Spider 1 Suit, Spider 2 Suit, Spider 3 Suit or Spider 4 Suit depending on your choice.
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Ford Mustang laden with Microsoft Windows technologies is one hell of a roadster

What do you get when a raw American hot rod muscle car, latest technologies and cloud connectivity are all combined into one? You get the thumping 2012 Mustang retrofitted with Dynacorn’s 1967 Mustang fastback replica body and fitted with latest Microsoft technologies which have never been used in automobiles before this. Also known as the Project Detroit, the heads up display inside the car is laden with augmented reality right in the windshield and Kinect on front and rear provides skeletal tracking along with streaming of videos.
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