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Doom running on a chainsaw makes absolute sense

Chainsaw running Doom

Give DIY’ers a Raspberry Pi and they’ll come up with things you never imagined before. Like playing Doom 2 on a chainsaw. That is exactly what George Merlocco did, and dubbed it Painsaw. A Doom game fan, George modded an Echo Junior Chainsaw Toy to power it with a Raspberry Pi Zero. He also used the Chocolate Doom source port to replicate the first series of Doom released in early 1990s.
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DIY awesomeness: AT-AT Walker controlled with an Xbox 360 controller

AT-AT Walker controlled with an Xbox 360 controller

AT-AT Walker, the heaviest four-legged armored ground vehicle in Imperial Army had a huge impact on the enemy. The galactic battles of Star Wars were in a way intimidated by AT-AT Walker. There have been innumerable DIY’s which emulate the AT-AT Walker and this one is one step above them all. Dave Stein, a software engineer, Star Wars fan and keen DIY’er turned a lifeless model of the walker into a real functional juggernaut that is controlled by an Xbox 360 controller.
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Emotion-sensing gaming controller senses player’s stress level to change in-game difficulty

Emotion sensing gaming controller

Stanford Emotion Sensing Bio Gamepad

Do you get bored while playing your favorite game just because it isn’t tough enough? For instance the number of automobiles coming from opposite direction are not enough to challenge your driving skills in a racing game? Then Stanford electrical engineer, Gregory Kovas and Texas Instruments are working on that element of gaming to make it tough as the player needs it without changing settings in the gameplay interface. They have modded an Xbox 360 controller with a 3D printed plastic module loaded with sensors, so that it can measure your biological data in real-time and change the gaming elements. Meaning that it doesn’t get too difficult or too easy for your while playing your favorite games.
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Rare modded Xbox 360 Modern Warfare 3 controller can be yours for $200

The official Limited Edition Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Xbox 360 controller was amazing and now it looks like there is another Xbox 360 modded Modern Warfare controller looking to sweep all gamers off their feet. Although playing first-person shooters with gaming controllers is not that easy when compared to the old school keyboard and mouse controls, yet this Modern Warfare 3 themed Xbox 360 controller would be cool enough to play games that are better enjoyed with the controller only.
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