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Final Fantasy XV inspired Xbox One S is fully functional

Final Fantasy XV inspired Xbox One S-6

Designed to sit along the Xbox One, the all new Xbox One S is just more than a mere slimmer version of the console. The new game console is 40 percent smaller and packs an internal power supply with up to 2 terabyte of internal storage, which makes it the most advanced Xbox ever.  This prowess isn’t enough to save the Xbox from modder fantasy – amid other modifications at the latest exhibition at the Châtelet in France, the Final Fantasy XV inspired Xbox One S is what’s really keeping the onlookers riveted. Read More…

PlayBox: Laptop combines a PS4 with XBox One

Xbook One by Ed Zarick

Ed Zarick, US based self-taught engineer and console modder have created Xbook One, an Xbox One laptop that will bring smile to the face of every gamer out here. Combining a PS4 with an Xbox One in the same device, the PlayBox is a plastic case which holds an Xbox One inside with a 22″ LED LDC monitor and a custom-built base that contains the vital parts of the console. In the past too, Ed Zarick has created number of Xbooks laptops and his last creation was the PlayBook 4, which he had created last October.
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Microsoft to launch wearable fitness device that works with Xbox One

Xbox One fitness wearable

It’s absolutely obvious now; Microsoft is steadily getting out of its image of a software firm and is venturing into consumer electronics. Microsoft has been, for a while now, experimenting with wearable technology – smart bands, smartwatches and Google Glass-type virtual reality headsets. This was first made evident with the introduction of Microsoft Band – a fitness tracking wristband which is compatible with all major mobile device platforms. Read More…

Christmas gift ideas: Expensive gifts for your loved ones

Christmas gift ideas Expensive gifts for your loved ones

There are gifts and then there are high-end gifts that are mind-boggling enough to capture someone specials heart. After having compiled some cool Christmas Gift Ideas since last week, now it is time to add some bling to your checklist of things to gift this Christmas. People who have enough money to slash on expensive gifts will surely have a smile on their face after reading this exclusive compilation of some of the most expensive gifts. Surely money can’t buy everything, but it can buy things that only a few can afford on this planet.
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Polk speakers and headphones for Microsoft Xbox One gaming console


Now that Microsoft Xbox One is here to give you the gaming adrenalin of your life it only makes sense that you enjoy all the intense gaming action in high quality sound. Polk has come up with premium audio products like sound bar and headphones that deliver finely tuned audio for the Xbox One in association with Microsoft. No matter what genre of game you are playing or the in game situation, to compliment the breath-taking graphics quality of Xbox One gaming console these audio products from Polk who have been redefining high quality music since 40 years is commendable.
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