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Why Xiaomi is the next big thing in smartphones

Smartphone on black background

Is Xiaomi the next big thing in smartphones? Perhaps yes. This brand is probably the next major player in the ever-expanding market of smart phones. This can be seen in how the company has grown in leaps and bounds in its last four years of existence. Although Xiaomi entered the market with a risky concept —producing smartphones aided by Apple’s design, thus acquiring the title ‘’Apple of China’’ — this has since worked positively to favor the company.

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Xiaomi Mi VR headset promises immersive virtual reality at lowest possible price

Xiaomi Mi VR headset

Xiaomi is fast becoming the leading gadget manufacturer with high quality products pitched at the most competitive prices. With the right arsenal at its disposal, Xiaomi is venturing into wearable technology with its virtual reality headsets which wants to compete with the like of Samsung, Oculus, PlayStation and HTC. They proved that with its initial step revealing the Mi Play headset a few months ago, and now they have come-up with their latest offering at the Mi Product Launch Event.
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Xiaomi Vphone S8: Smallest touch-screen smartphone with just 1.54-inch display


A new touch-screen smartphone ‘Xiaomi Vphone S8’ launched yesterday, claims to be the smallest in its category with a display measuring just 1.4-inch. Its 2.5D curved glass screen is brushed with metal frame and aluminum-magnesium alloy body. The design is minimal and features only one main (power) button and three virtual controls. In first look, it appears identical to the available smartwatches in the market. Indeed, it is sort of smartphone cum smartwatch. It has a speaker and microphone and it can perform all basic functions of a smartphone. Read More…

Xiaomi launches Huami Amazfit smartwatch with heart rate monitor

Xiaomi launches Huami Amazfit smartwatch

Xiaomi has been busy launching different types of gadgets of late; most of these being far from wearable. Fittingly, in time for IFA 2016, Xiaomi in collaboration with its long time support company Huami has launched Amazfit Smartwatch – a circular dial watch with dual core 1.2GHz processor and 512MB RAM. The smart wearable has non-premium features but for the more fitness conscious, the smartwatch features a heart rate monitor for that advanced fitness tracking. Read More…

Xiaomi launches Mi VR Play headset, going out to beta testers for 15 cents

Xiaomi mi-vr-play

After creating a buzz with competitively priced smartphones, Chinese tech company Xiaomi is venturing into other fields. Recently, Xiaomi launched its first laptop after having debuted a foldable cycle and a Segway-styled self-balancing scooter. With the idea to broaden its product line, Xiaomi announced the Mi VR Play recently. Not anywhere close to the Oculus Rift to say, Mi VR Play is an entry level virtual reality headset and is designed to create a new budget niche for VR headsets. Read More…

Xiaomi launches Mi Notebook Air, its first ultraportable laptop

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air

Chinese brand Xiaomi is one company you can vouch for delivering high-end devices on a budget. After the phones, drones and hoverboards, Xiaomi has launched Mi Notebook Air – a MacBook Air competitor at a launch event in Beijing. It’s not just the name but the specification that make it a close competitor for the MacBook Air, especially when you’re taking about similar features for as little as $750. Read More…

Xiaomi makes world stage debut with its flagship Mi 5 smartphone

Xiaomi Mi 5

Xiaomi made its first major appearance at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. With the objective to appear into global stage with a bang, Xiaomi released the much-anticipated Mi 5 handset. Xiaomi Mi 5, billed as a Samsung Galaxy S7 competitor that could also rub shoulders with LG G5, comes in a very trendy curved design. It features 1080p resolution 5.15-inch IPS display with amazingly bright 16-LED backlight and a bezel that’s really difficult to tell. It has a physical home button at the bottom of the large screen, which is also the fingerprint scanner- first on a Xiaomi phone. Read More…

Personal Mobility Vehicle + Intelligent Robot = Segway Advanced Personal Robot

Segway Advanced Personal Robot_1

This looks like a standard Segway, but in-fact it is much more than that. At the ongoing CES 2016 Intel revealed Segway Advanced Personal Robot which is a rideable PMV and at the same time your companion robot. The cute mini robot butler based on Ninebot mini robot developed in collaboration with Xiaomi-backed robotic startup is rideable like your standard Segway at speed of 18kph to distance of 30km before requiring a recharge. When you are riding it, the robotic mode shuts-off. In the robotic mode this robot can follow you or carry stuff around in the supermarket, all this while it sees the world from its enchanting eyes.
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Sub-$100 Xiaomi Yi action camera is Chinese OEM’s first device to land in US


If you’re in the States and wanted to own one of the inexpensive gadgets from Xiaomi; you’re in luck as Xiaomi brings its first product (not a phone) to US – a low-cost, high performance Xiaomi Yi action camera available through Amazon.  Launched at the Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, Xiaomi Yi action camera may not be as effective as the high-end GoPros, but to give you a sense of its performance – the camera pits well against the rather expensive basic GoPro cams, and costs as little as $99.95. Read More…

[Watch] Ninebot Mini – Xiaomi’s $315 self-balancing scooter


After Mi phones and smart wristbands, China’s Xiaomi is venturing into the future of personal transportation with Ninebot Mini – a self-balancing scooter or ‘hoverboard’ if you may. Announced by Xiaomi Chief Executive Officer Lei Jun at an event in Beijing; Ninebot Mini is developed in collaboration with Ninebot (a startup funded by Xiaomi). The self balancing scooter, being reckoned as a hoverboard (though it’s not a board and doesn’t hover) is not a typical Segway either. It does not have Segway-style handle to steer, instead a knee-high handle that allows rider to steer the Mini with leg movement to go left, right, forward or backward. Read More…