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5 step to convert YouTube video to Mp3 and associated benefits


YouTube is a magical platform where anyone can go and find a way to become a creator. Expression and originality run free and people can find new ways to engage, start conversations and solve pressing issues. One of the most significant features users have been demanding ever since YouTube’s humble beginning, has been the ability to hold onto the YouTube videos of their choice to be able to enjoy the files at any time of their choice, even offline. Read More…

3D printed bullets pack a punch when it comes to hitting the target

3D printed bullet

When choosing a bullet to fire from your gun, the precision of the bullet make and its material determines the accuracy of shot, apart from the skill of the shooter of course. There are plenty of things manufactured using 3D printed technology, including guns and other firearms too, so why not have 3D printed bullets? Taofledermaus, Youtube user has uploaded a video showing the first ever 3D printed bullets (filled with lead shots) of different weights and shapes being fired at varying targets using a Mossberg 590 shotgun.
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