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Christmas gift ideas: Performance enhancing gizmos for sportspersons

Christmas gift-ideas Performance-enhancing gizmos for sportspersons

Being a sportsperson you always want to be the best at your game and technological advancements can provide you the much needed edge to stay ahead of the competition. Be it golf, tennis, baseball, soccer or winter sports; technology can provide you with the tools and insight of your own game as compared to others around you and also embellish you with tips and tricks from the pros themselves. Moreover custom modules of sports accessories of the new age give you the leverage to get a much detailed insight of the nifty little shortcomings that might be affecting your game in a big way. So for our sports lover readers and outdoor sports enthusiast we have a collection of sports accessories and gadgets that will improve your game in a big way.
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Improve baseball, tennis and golf game with smartphone compatible Zepp 3D motion sensor

Zepp 3D motion sensor for golf tennis and baseball

Improving your outdoor sports has got even more tech savvy with gizmos that help you analyze nifty little details to achieve perfection. A new entrant into this niche market is Zepp Sensor that helps golf, tennis and basketball players in fine tuning their game with data that makes sense presented in three different games. The 3D motion sensor is designed keeping in mind the requirement of athletes and can be used in conjunction with your tablet or smartphone anywhere, anytime. Zepp motion sensor measures about 1-inch square and weights 6.3 grams which is huge advantage as it can be mounted on baseball/softball bat, tennis racket or golf glove to analyze baseball swings, tennis swings and golf swings wit the help of in-built ARM processor.
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