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Zombie survival machine designed from 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport

Zombie survival machine

Some believe that zombie apocalypse will hit us sooner rather than later and it is better to be prepared for the worse rather than being sorry later. We have seen weapons specifically built for a zombie mayhem and for The Walking Dead Chop Shop, Anson Kuo had created a four-wheel survival machine (brought to life by Galpin Auto Sports, GAS) that eventually won the competition that saw more than 82,500 entries. Dressing up his newly bought 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport SUV vehicle into a Zombie Survival Machine, Kuo beefed it up with knives, blades, automatic crossbows, razor-wired windows, machine guns, samurai sword, aluminum armor and muffler silencer.
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DIY Walking Dead weapon to survive zombie apocalypse

Walking Dead Crossbow Build with AtomicMari

I’m not sure if zombie apocalypse is going to happen anytime soon or not but people surely are up for the massacre and preparing their weapons for salvation. Jesse Clarkson who is a master prop maker for movies like The Dark Night and Iron Man took up the challenge of creating a zombie apocalypse weapon, to be precise, the Daryl Dixon Crossbow from the movie “The Walking Dead”. Clarkson along with engineer Tim Dolph made one hell of a weapon that has everything from a crossbow to retractable bayonet for close encounters with scavenging zombies. This DIY is surely of the highest order coming from such an avid artist as he turns old crossbow, airsoft gun, umbrella and urethane into one cool weapon.
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